Is Affiliate Marketing Saturated

Yes, you’ve heard it all before, and although it is one question that new affiliate marketers ask it is also something that I feel most super affiliates get asked all the time.

So is affiliate marketing saturated?

Well, let’s examine the intent behind this question in order to really answer it.

But first, let’s start by asking a different question.

Why do you want to know?

This question will help us to determine what the intent is.

The main reason for asking a question like this is because you’re thinking whether you can compete in the same market as everyone else.

Look I understand where you’re coming from, because when I started affiliate marketing 15 years ago, I asked the same question.

Look, it’s a validate question, but as you can see I am still making money in my niches to this very day and there are always new affiliate marketers coming into the market place.

And I see them doing just fine.

When You First Get Started

Obviously, easier for you to get started if you concentrate on a smaller group of people that has been narrowed down into a sub category or sub niche.

As opposed to say the fitness market in general.

You used to be able to show up in the search results for terms like weight loss, when the Internet was way back in it’s infancy, but those days are gone. I guess, you could say that it is saturated for you’re targeting those types of terms, however, if you sub categorize down further and target a smaller group of people say, weight loss for women over 50, then it becomes a lot more doable.

You can sub niche this down even further, which would give you even less competition like weight loss for women over 50 using resistance training. While has even way less competition, it also becomes high targeted.

When your visitors are highly targeted visitors, the traffic to your website is much less however your visitor is more likely to make a purchase.

There are literally new sub niches popping up each and everyday, so you won’t fall short of finding a profitable niche.