4 Steps to Fulfill Any Dream

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all dream of a lifestyle for ourselves beyond our current state or we dream of reaching certain goals that sometimes seems unfathomable at the moment. Achieving our goals is one of the most important ways in which we can track our growth over the years.

Often times we allow improper preparation for achieving goals to prevent us from truly achieving our dreams. If you’re truly serious about achieving goals that you’ve set out for yourself then you must understand not only the preparation but the dedication required to achieve them. Just “wanting” a goal isn’t enough, you have to structure your life around the principles needed to obtain these goals. This may seem like a difficult task (and it will be some days), but you need to understand, nothing worth having is going to come easy in life.

Below are 4 steps we’ve mapped out for you so that you can achieve goals of any size or magnitude. If you’re serious about reaching your goals you will follow these 4 steps as you pursue your goals.

Though the end goal is where our sight usually strays towards, it’s important to first consider where we are now in comparison to those goals. Are our habits aligning with our goals or preventing us from them? Are we actively working towards becoming the person we claim that we want to become? Every ending has a beginning, and as cliche as it may sound, it’s one thing to talk the talk, but if you want to see results you have to walk the walk.

Goal setting is a well thought out process. When it comes to your goals you should be able to describe them in detail that paints a vivid picture when you explain them not only to you but others as well. You only cheat yourself when you lack detail.

If your dreams are to purchase your own home be sure you can describe the desired home in detail from the number of rooms to the number of acres the home sits on. If you’re seeking wealth, saying you want to be “rich isn’t a goal, but making $1,000,000 before 30 is.

Honestly ask yourself, when was the last time you sat and wrote out what it is you truly desire for yourself. Yeah you may “think” about what you desire in life, but how often is it that we forget specific details because we didn’t write them down or store them somewhere? Your goals are no different.

I want to be clear when I say this. YOUR GOALS SHOULD SCARE YOU! By scare I mean, if you were to tell someone your goals their eyes should light up in awe of your aspirations.THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOAL THAT IS TOO BIG. What is the point of having big dreams Kyani scam if you’re willing to settle for an average reality. You have these dreams so that you can accurately create the path to these desires.

As you become more detailed in these goals, be sure that you’ve consistently written down your goals and updated progress them as you pursue them.

By “Smart” we don’t mean so in an intelligent sense, but instead we mean that your goals should be:

Specific – You have no reason to leave out detail, your goals need to specifically describe the outcome that you’re looking to accomplish. If you only have a half ass vision of the goals you set, you’re going to end up with a half ass outcome, if that.

Measurable – You need to know how close (or far) you are from your current goal. If you’re actively seeking to accomplish your goals you need to consistently measure how close you are to accomplishing them .

Achievable – Is this something that is real? Do you have the physical capability to attain or create this goal. Goals should be HUGE, at the same time they need to be capable of obtaining somehow.

Realistic – This is similar to achievable in the sense of is this goal something that is real or do you have the knowledge or capability to make this goal a reality.

Time – All your goals should have a reasonable time period for completion. You have a limited number of days on earth so with that being said you much ensure that you can complete these goals within that period.

Along with time you must factor the period in which you desire to achieve this goal. You want to make sure that your goal has a completion time that is enough for you complete and also within a time period that brings forth a certain sense of urgency to complete.

It’s one thing to hold yourself accountable for your goals, it’s another thing when you share your goals with those who you trust and they ensure that you’re staying on the correct path to achieving these goals. We definitely don’t recommend broadcasting your goals to your entire social media following as this usually adds an unnecessary amount of pressure to yourself. Instead share these goals with individuals who either want to see you accomplish your goals or those who can potentially assist you in accomplishing them.

No matter big or small, long term or short term, your goals in life are what are going to carve out who you become in the future. If you truly believe in your goals then you will take the above steps and implement them to your daily activity. If you aren’t willing to implement 4 steps to achieve success then chances are you aren’t ready to truly chase your goals and dreams. Those who are serious about accomplishing their goals will find these simple step as the stepping stones needed to achieve them.